Linked Earthworks



Proven experience in earthmoving, demolition, earthquake strengthening, contaminated material and a range of civil works projects means you can engage us for your project with confidence. 

Our team's expertise and years of hands-on practical experinece give us the ability to manage contracts ranging of any size. From small residential jobs through to large civil works contracts employing dozens of staff for several months, we have the resources and systems to deliver a success outcome for your project.

Solid Reputation

Since 2008, when Linked Earthworks was established, we have established a solid reputation throughout the Lower North Island and Wellington Region as a reliable commercial contracting company. We are proud of our track record of finishing projects of all sizes, on time and within budget.

Thinking Outside The Square

It is common to be confronted with the variety of unexpected challenges with any type of commercial contract, whether it be earthmoving, demolition or contamination work. A halmark of our appoach to the contracts we undertake is our capability to 'think outside the square'. This trait of creative problem solving on major projects is a key factor behind our ability to consistently deliver a success contract.

'Can Do' Attitude

This ‘thinking-outside-the-square' to overcome unforeseen project challenges, is a company-wide approach has filtered through to every level of the business. It reflects Managing Director, Craig Charleton's personal skill for creative problem solving and decades of hands-on experience. The result is a stable and committed team with a 'can-do' attitude toward getting the job done.  

The Right Tool for The Job

There is more to successfully delivering a wide range of project work than having a great team and a company culture the encourages a 'can-do' attitude. We have made substantial investments  in the right tools for the job. Owning a wide range of machinery and equipment that is optimally designed for the range of work creates efficiencies that lower project costs. Having job-specific equipment is a key to us confidently and successfully undertaking such a wide range of work. 


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