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LINKED EARTHWORKS  - Serving Greater Wellington & the Lower North Island 


Complex civil works projects
are what we're good at


Especially when the going gets tough

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Delivering contracting services for major earth moving, civil contracts and demolition projects, which are effective and add value sometimes require us to think outside the square. So that's what we do. Now we're known for it.

Linked Earthworks has specialist expertise in civil projects, demolition, excavation, site works and contaminated soil stabilisation, and own a broad range of specialised equipment to get the job done. 

Since Linked Earthworks was launched in 2008 we have developed a reputation in Wellington and throughout the Lower North Island as a competent and reliable contracting company that can come up with creative solutions to solve project challenges as they arise.

"We have developed our own customised process for treating contaminated soil, which is faster, more efficient and cost effective than traditional methods of handling contaminated soil and ground material.  
  1. Site Works
  2. Demolition
  3. Excavation
  4. Site Services
  5. Contamination

We'll look after your car park preparation and asphalting,
curb and channel preparation and installation, through
to building small structures and more ...

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Demolition work takes expertise and specialised equipment.
Our extensive experience with building demolition
means a cost effective solution for your project.

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Meeting your excavation deadlines on time and within budget
is our top priority. Choosing the right excavation contractor
is crucial for a successful earthworks project

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Our and site services team have extensive experience.
We can undertake full site services for your
project, including drainage and sewer.


Our specialists have developed a unique method for stablising
contaminated material. This effective method for managing
ground contamination flows though to project savings.


Our Partners



We work with all the major contracting companies in the Wellington region. Our specific areas of expertise are excavation, site works, demolition and contaminated soil stabilisation. Our soil stabilisation system is a world leading process that we developed over many years and dozens of projects. Our demolition expertise covers a wide range of technical capabilities from demolition of small structures through to multi-story buildings including both full and partial building demolition, as well as internal demolition only, and removal of hazardous material.


To support our capability on demolition projects we have steadily increased the range of specialised equipment we hold in our yard. We imported a large demolition machine from the UK in 2017 that has a reach height of 24 metres. This machine gives us the ability to take on large scale multi-story demolition projects throughout the Wellington Region. We believe that owning a machine of this type is a tremendous asset for the area. Previously contractors have faced significant costs to bring this type of machine in from outside Wellington.


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Our work covers a range of site related disciplines. We have categorised these below into excavation work, site works, demolition, and soil stabilisation. Associated with our soil stabalisation work, which involves a unique process we have pioneered over several years, is the handling and removal of contaminated materials, including asbestos.


We are proud of the wide range of work that we do and the projects we have completed throught the Wellington region. If you have any questions about future work please contact us so we can assist at the planning stage of the project